Our company name is Mountain Marine Industries, located in Commerce City, Colorado. We have been manufacturing swim platforms for 30 years. We started out locally and now sell our product globally. Swim platform installation service is available to customers who are able to get their boat to our shop.  If you are local and would like an estimate, please call for an appointment.

Please have the following information available and call or email for a quote:

Year, Make, and Model of boat as well as the zip code where it will be shipping, and if the ship-to location is residential or a commercial business location <see SHIPPING page> Have questions ready and any upgrades you may be interested in.

For emails, or in case you reach our voice mail, be sure to provide your name and phone number. Please speak clearly and repeat your name and number twice. If we cannot understand you, we cannot call back.

Mountain Marine Industries/SwimPlatformSuperStore
6295 E. 56th Ave.
Commerce City, CO 80022

Local 303-287-0810
Toll Free 888-281-9237

Include your name, phone number, and invoice number (if applicable)

FOR NEW QUOTES ONLY!! - Quotes@SwimPlatformSuperStore.com - Please provide the following information: Year/make/model of your boat, the ship-to zip code, if this is a business or residence, and any upgrades you are interested in - Allow up to 5 business days for a response.

Existing Quotes - ExistingQuotes@SwimPlatformSuperStore.com

Current order status/changes/updates - OrderStatus@SwimPlatformSuperStore.com

Installation or warranty questions - TechSupport@SwimPlatformSuperStore.com

Billing or payment questions - Shasta@MountainMarine.com

Check out our boat repair website at www.MountainMarine.com

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Take your boating experience to new LENGTHS!!!
Take your boating experience to new LENGTHS!!!