Take your boating experience to new LENGTHS!!!
Take your boating experience to new LENGTHS!!!
Q: So is the Classic only able to be mounted as a Top mount or a Transom mount?? What about the Wedge??
A: The Classic and the Wedge can both be Top or Transom mounts. But some boats can only do one or the other, depending on the model.
Q: What is the price difference between a Top and a Transom mount?
A: NOTHING!! We base our prices on the size of the platform, not where you mount it on your boat.
Q: Can I get a platform like the one I saw on that other website??
A: No. Our styles are unique, they are our own design, we custom manufacture each platform here in our shop specifically for each order. We do not purchase from other companies.
Q: Can you drop your prices for me?
A: Our prices are already as low as we can offer them. We pride ourselves in being as competitive as possible.
Q: How much extra does it cost to have a ladder included? How much extra do you charge for the installation hardware?
A: All of our platforms include a ladder and the installation hardware. It is figured into the price.
Q: Why doesn't the price include installation?
A: Because we ship our platforms all over the United States and Canada. So these customers obviously won't be needing our installation services. Installation is an optional service for local customers, thus an additional labor charge.
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