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UPRIGHT CANDY CANE HANDRAILS - Sold as a pair, bases will be installed on either side of the ladder. Handrails lock into place when in use, and easily detach for storage when not in use. Stainless steel. No, they do not float.
White only
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Small plastic handle
Plastic embedded hand grab
Stainless steel hand rails - 16", 20", 24"
Upright candy cane style hand rails (sold as a pair)
Cover plate for ladder recess in existing deck

Additional/replacement installation hardware
Additional ladder or ladder upgrade
Stainless steel rubrail insert
Marine grade adhesive/sealant***

Ask your sales rep for current pricing
*** Marine Grade Adhesive/Sealant is necessary for the installation! If you will be installing your platform yourself, be sure you have the correct product! You can purchase from us, or go to any local hardware mega store and get some 3M 5200 or 3M 5200FastCure.

Using the correct product is critical! Sealers such as caulk or silicone will break down and leak! Do not hesitate to ask your sales rep any questions!

Not needed if a marine shop will be installing your platform, as they typically have this on hand.
STAINLESS STEEL HANDRAILS -  Available in 16", 20", 24" lengths. Lower photo also shows the Candy Cane Handrails