Take your boating experience to new LENGTHS!!!
Take your boating experience to new LENGTHS!!!
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You can email us a quote request at
or call us at 303-287-0810

In order to provide a quote for you we will need the following information:

- Your first & last name
- Your phone number and email address
- Year, Make, and Model of your boat. Please be sure this is accurate!!
- Do you prefer a Classic, Wedge, or Elite style of platform?
- Do you prefer a Top or Transom mount?
- Do you want any upgrades added to your platform order? If so, what?
- If ordering a Wedge or Elite, which side would you prefer the ladder be on?
- If ordering a Wedge, would you prefer the ladder be mounted on the top surface or underneath?
- Will you have your platform shipped to a residential area or to a business with a means of unloading a truck?
- What is the ship to zip code?

When actually placing an order, we will also need for you to send us a couple photos of the back end of your boat - a good straight-on shot and a good profile or angled profile shot. This helps us with quality control. Please do not send photos that were taken from a long distance away. Keep file sizes under 2meg in size. Email photos and include your name and phone number in the email.

To speed up the process, please review other pages on this site to familiarize yourself with our styles, photo gallery, pricing, how the sizing works, upgrades we offer, shipping information, and frequently asked questions.