Take your boating experience to new LENGTHS!!!
Take your boating experience to new LENGTHS!!!
Top Mount vs. Transom Mount
What's the difference and which is better??
TOP MOUNT refers to mounting the new swim platform to your boat so it overlays the existing swim step.  The new platform is trimmed/formed so that it literally overlaps the entire existing swim deck area and extends out, creating a uniform flat surface. It is fastened into place with screws straight down into the top surface as well as support tubes that fasten into the transom.

TRANSOM MOUNT refers to mounting the new swim platform directly on the transom, giving a step down effect. Some people call this a step down platform. The new platform is trimmed/formed to the transom contours of the boat. It is fastened into place with cleats (think "L bracket") as well as tube supports, both which screw directly into the transom. Some boats have a cut out recess area in the middle where the I/O motor is. In this case the platform will also screw to the top of that recess area, along with the use of cleats and tube supports.

FLUSH MOUNT In some very specific cases there is the option of a Flush mount. This is bascially the same as a Transom mount but the platform is at the same level as the existing swim deck on the boat with no step down effect. Not many makes/models of boats have this option, but we have noted it in the PHOTO GALLERY for the ones that do.

All methods of attaching the new platform to your boat are equally as strong. In most cases this is just personal preference. In some cases, a particular make/model of boat will only have one mounting option. Please refer to our PHOTO GALLERY for a list of availability, recommended platform sizes, and recommended mounting.

Both of our styles of platforms (Classic and Wedge) can be installed as a Top or Transom mount.

Our prices are based on the size of the platform, not where you mount it on your boat. So whether you prefer a Top Mount or a Transom Mount is totally up to you, it has no bearing on the platform price.

However! For our local customers in the Denver, Colorado area, if you are having our shop install the platform for you, installation rates vary depending on how you have the platform mounted to your boat. Please call for details and installation fees.
TOP MOUNT - it is mounted on top of the existing swim deck area on this boat.
TRANSOM MOUNT - it is mounted directly on the transom of this boat.
FLUSH MOUNT - this is basically a Transom mount that is flush with the existing deck area. This is only availble for specific makes/models.
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